Welcome to IDX Shoes - footwear designed by you!


IDX wants to transcend the boundaries of the conventional footwear industry by giving people more

control in the design process. No need to follow the trends when you can simply create your own! We

are the first service that gives users the ability to upload any art, image, picture or print on their

sneakers. There are unlimited design options and we give customers complete freedom of

expression. With the use of our tools we offer the opportunity for anyone to become a designer, a

visionary and an artist.


Our manufacturing facility is located in Fujian province, where the majority of mainstream brand shoes;

such as Toms and Nike, are manufactured. Shoe production can have as many as 30 different materials

and components involved in the manufacturing...considering that most of advanced shoe material

suppliers are based in China by choosing to manufacture there we thus reduce the production miles,

reduce the pollution and also reduce the costs. So how does it work? After an order has been placed the design

is printed first on canvas and then, after this essential step, the sneakers are put together. This manufacturing

process ensures better quality and more design options.


For more information or press inquries write us to hello@idxshoes.com