How can I make sure I get the right size?

Even if you are sure of your size we still recommend you use the Sizing Guide described on the product page. That way you can be 100% sure.


Can I get a free exchange if I received damaged or defective sneakers?

Of course you can. Just follow the instructions on the return slip and we will facilitate this for you as soon as possible. Read more about our Returns Policy


Can I get a free exchange if my new sneakers don’t fit me?

You will receive a free exchange once you ship the orginal sneakers back to us. Read more about our Returns Policy.


Can I return my sneakers if I don’t like them?

Since all IDX shoes are unique and made per order we won’t be able to resell them. For this reason we won’t be able to offer you exchange in case you change your mind about sneaker design. Read more about our Returns Policy.





How can I check my order status?

IDX Shoes offers live tracking system through My Orders window. You are always in control!


Do I have to pay any tax when I receive my sneakers?

Some countries withhold VAT or Sales Tax when importing items from abroad. Usually there is a a certain value above which product is taxable. Please Google this to learn more about if there are any taxes applicable in your country.


When will I receive my sneakers?

All our shoes are made per order and usualy are deliverd within 20 days.


Where are IDX Shoes made?

IDX shoes are manufactured in Fujian Province, China where most popular footwear brands such as Nike or Toms are manufactured.




Design tool is not working, it's asking for Adobe Flash Player 10.

Try different browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. If it still doesn't work make sure Adobe Flash PLayer is installed on the browser you are using. Click here to download latest version.


Why my designs don't appear in Explore Designs page? 

We are manually evaluating and approving each showroom before designs from showroom can appear in Explore page. Showroom has to be complete with information and sneaker designs to get approved. If you think we have missed your showroom please email us your showroom link at hello@idxshoes.com with subject line "Showroom".

How can I access the sneakers I have designed before?

If you are a registered user hover over the menu button in the top right and click on the My Designs button.


How can I show the sneakers I designed to my friends?

Navigate to My Desgins and open one of your saved designs. When in product page, just share your sneakers in one of social netwroks with Sharing Buttons or copy-paste product url.